May 19, 2009


This term we're reading and watching Four weddings an a funeral in class and now we have a work with the film.

Answer the questions:
What year was the film made? In 1994.
Who's the director? The director is Richard Curtis
What other famous films has he directed?copy names and pictures

Who are the main actors/actresses?names and pictures
Hugh Grant as Charles

Andie Mac Dowell as Carrie

What type of film is it? a comedy? a tragedy?
It's a romantic comedy film

Write a summary (6 lines max.)
Four Weddings an a funeral, it goes that one man, Charles, recives four invitations for to go to weddings. In one of the weddings, he knows Carrie and they stay in love with her. One day, dies a friend of Charles and they have to go to in the funeral. Finaly, Carrie and Charles they marry.
What's your favourite scene/moment? Why?
My favourite scene is when Charles and Carrie pass the night together. Charles stay in love with her, but Carrie has to marry soon with another man. It's a very romantic moment, I liked a lot!

Who are the main characters? Name, photo and description.
Charles: Is an unmarried man who cna't yet find the right person. He has a lot of girlfriends but he really love Carrie.
Carrie: Is a beautiful American woman who worked in fashion. Finally, she realizes that the man that she love is Charles.
Who's your favourite character?Why?
My favourite character is Scarlett. It's a right person because she's sincere and everything what she thinks, says it. She would like to find a boyfriend, but can't yet find the right person

Choose a scene/dialogue and write it in a post.
roleplay with a classmate.
Record it using audacity and upload it.

Carrie -
Charles - Hi! God, you're wet! Come in!
Carrie - No, no, I'm fine. I'm so wet that I can't get any wetter. Do you know what I mean?
Charles- OK
Carrie - No, please don't! I just wanted to see if you were all right. I wanted to make sure t hat you weren't killing yourself or anything. It was wrong of me to come to t he church this morning. I'm sorry. I can see that your're OK, so I'd better go now.
Charles - No, wait, I'm to blame, not you. I behaved really badly today. But I'm sure about on think now: marriage is not right for me at all. And I learned another thing. When I was standing there in the church, I realized for the first time that I totally completely love one person, with all my heart. And that person wasn't my bride. It's the person who's here with me now, in the rain.
Carrie - It is still raining? I didn't notice!
Charles - In fact, I've loved you since the first minute I saw you. You're not suddenly going away again, are you?
Carrie - No, I might be washed away by the rain, but I'm not going away again.
Charles - OK, OK, we'll go back in. But first, can I ask you one thing? Do you think that you could agree not marry me? After we've got dry again, of course. And after we've spent lots of time together. Do you think that you could agree not be married to me, for the rest if your life? Do you?
Carrie - I do


In my opinion Four Weddings an a funeral is a fantastic film! I liked a lot because this film makes to see the reality. Now, if stay in love with a person,you can go away with him. I recommend the film ! It's very funny and romanic.

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