Jan 12, 2009


Who are the main characters? Dr. Kimble and Samuel Gerard.
Where did Gerard first see Kimble? in a sewer, but then Kimble jump into the river to scape.
Which people help Kimble in the book? What do they do?
The woman help of the café and she takes him to Chicago.
Charlie Nichols give him some money.
How many people work for Devlin-Mc Gregor? Who are they and what do they do?
Who killed Kimble's wife?Why?
The murder was one armed man with an ortophedic arm called Frederik Sykes Because Kimble knew that Nichols was working with a very dangerous medicine.


Harrison Ford (Dr.Kimble)

Andreas Katsulas (Frederick Sykes)

Tommy Lee Jones (detective Samuel Gerard)

Jeroen Krabbe (Dr. Charles Nichols)

Sela Ward (Helen Kimble)

Julianne More (Dr.Anne Eastman)

Summaries of the chapters:

Chapter 1: THE LAST TIME

One nigth, a man with an arm, kills Dr.Kimble's wife.

Chapter 2: A ONE-ARMED ARM

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